Welcome to Cardboard Caucus!

We hope you’re as excited for this weekend of gaming as we are.

We’ll be here all weekend and you should come to say hello. Our booth is right by the check-in and registration table. Look for our name on the banner. Everything is very purple…you can’t miss it.

Oh, and don’t forget to take part in our Catan National Qualifier Tournament. Preliminaries are Saturday with Semi-Finals and Finals on Sunday. It’s the only qualifier in Iowa and the winner will get automatic entry into the 2020 National Catan Tournament at Origins Game Fair in Ohio! Not to mention we’ll have plenty of other prizes and swag as well!


And Don't Forget the Merch

That’s right, we have merch, too! Our Catan merch will be on display at our booth. Come check it out. Want a poster or t-shirt for yourself? Snag one below.

Catan Iowa T-Shirt

I’ll trade you five corn for two pigs. You don’t need sheep and wool to get your very own Iowa Catan t-shirt!

Get It Here

Iowa Catan Tournament Poster

Remember how awesome you did in the Iowa Catan National Qualifier Tournament poster. Ahh, memories!

Get It Here

Let's Roll RPG T-Shirt

You roll a nat 20. Great job! You successfully don this totally awesome t-shirt. That’s a solid win right there!

Get It Here

The Rook Room Logo T-Shirt

Yes, even you can look as stylin’ as our Rook Room game pros. Make all your friends jealous by sporting this (and we might be a little biased here) totally amazing specimen of a t-shirt. (also comes in hoodies, because hoodies are awesome)

Get It Here

Iowa Catan Poster

It’s just like the one above, but without the text getting in the way of this classic art. Frame it. Put it on your wall. May we suggest above the mantel? You don’t need that old family photo anyway.

Get It Here

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