Events So Good We Just Keep 'Em Coming

Here at The Rook Room, every event is guaranteed to be a great time. But there are some events that are so cool they get their own category. We’ve elevated these crowd-pleasers into exclusive, recurring, Signature Series status.

Check out all of our awesome series below and feel confident knowing when you attend one of these, you’re guaranteed to have a good time!

Puzzlepalooza Classic

Think jigsaw puzzles are boring? Think again! Puzzlepalooza is a fast-paced, edge-of-your-seat battle for jigsaw supremacy.

Teams of up to four all compete to be the first to finish their puzzle. But watch out, because we’ve included a few surprises along the way including our one-of-a-kind sabotages.

Our Puzzlepalooza champs not only get bragging rights, they also snag a sweet prize package and an invite to come back and defend their champion status at a future event.

Even if you don’t get first, every team gets to take home their puzzle at the end of the night making everyone a winner!

Puzzlepalooza Artist Series

If you like Puzzlepalooza, you’ll love our Puzzlepalooza Artist Series. It’s Puzzlepalooza but with a little added special sauce.

Puzzlepalooza Artist Series amps things up by challenging teams to complete one of our very own Rook Room exclusively designed and made jigsaw puzzles featuring artwork from local artists!

On top of that, the artist whose work is featured on the puzzle will be there to talk about their art and show off some additional work to purchase.

And remember, every team gets to keep their puzzle so you can enjoy that local art whenever you want!

Catan National Qualifier Tournaments

Chances are you heard of Catan, the uber-popular gateway game all about building, trading, and settling. You’ve probably even played it.

Well did you know your Catan skills could win you a ticket to the National Championship held each year at Origins Game Fair? Or even the World Championship held in various, exciting overseas locations? Who wouldn’t want to play games in cool places?!

Well, The Rook Room can help to get you there. We are Iowa’s premiere host of Catan National Qualifier Tournaments, often holding several tournaments a year. We’ve even had a few of our champs go on to place in the top 15 in the Nationals – y’all are just that awesome!

Don’t consider yourself a pro? Don’t worry. We invite competitors of all skill levels to take part in the fun!

Open Play

The Rook Room has a library of more than 400 board games, puzzles, and TTRPGs just waiting for someone to play them. That’s exactly why we love hosting Open Play events where, as the tagline says, “playing for free is guaranteed, but winning isn’t.”

We partner with breweries, coffee shops, bars, restaurants, bakeries, libraries, community centers, city organizations, and anywhere else that makes a great partnership to bring our games and play.

Bring your friends, hang out for a few hours and play something new or an old favorite. And, of course, our Rook Room staff will be on hand to help you choose a game and learn it so you can get right to the fun.

How the Heck Do I...?

That’s a great question! Our How the Heck Do I…? Series (or How the Heck for short) is what we call our game-learning events.

As you’ve probably discovered already, there are some games out there that are very hard to learn. And who wants to spend a bunch of time on game night with friends flipping through an instruction manual?

That’s where our How the Heck events come in. Our Rook Room Gamemasters will break down hard-to-learn games into easy-to-learn basics. We’ll even send you home with one of our carefully crafted Rook Room one-page instruction sheets.

With your newfound How the Heck knowledge under your belt,  you can spend your next game night having fun instead of Googling rules!

Learn to Slay

Always wanted to be a brave night, stealthy rogue, or powerful wizard? Curious about playing Dungeons & Dragons but never knew where to start? Our Learn to Slay events have you covered!

With Learn to Slay, we’ll take someone who hasn’t even heard of a d20 into player destined for fame, glory, and plenty of treasure.

We break up our Learn to Slay series into multiple sessions including topics like character creation, role-playing, actions, combat, how to dungeon master, worldbuilding, and more. Attend them all or pick and choose the sessions with D&D topics you want to learn more about.

We’ll have you rolling dice and ready to play the world’s most popular TTRGP in no time. Onward to adventure!

Open Slay

Now that you know how to play D&D thanks to our Learn to Slay series, let’s get right to fighting goblins and hunting rare treasures at our Open Slay events!

With Open Slay, we take a team of adventurers on a quest and allow them to put their skills to the test. We supply the Dungeon Masters, scenarios, maps, minifigs, and more. You just get to sit down and get straight into the action.

Most of our Open Slay events take the form of what we like to call our One-Page, One-Shot Adventures – complete adventures we’ve specially crafted to fit into a couple of hours. So if you can’t make every Open Slay, don’t worry – each session should be self-contained fun.

Now grab your sword and staff and let’s quest!

Treasure Quest

Grain Brain

Tune In & Play