Events So Good We Just Keep 'Em Coming

Here at The Rook Room, every event is guaranteed to be a great time. But there are some events that are so cool they get their own category. We’ve elevated these crowd-pleasers into exclusive, recurring, Signature Series status.

Check out all of our awesome series below and feel confident knowing when you attend one of these, you’re guaranteed to have a good time!

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Puzzlepalooza Classic Jigsaw Puzzle Competitions

Think jigsaw puzzles are boring? Think again! Puzzlepalooza is a fast-paced, edge-of-your-seat battle for jigsaw supremacy. The classic version is our tried and true OG of Puzzlepalooza competitions featuring 500-piece puzzles that are approachable but still challenging.

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Puzzlepalooza Artist Series Jigsaw Puzzle Competitions

If you like Puzzlepalooza, you’ll love our Puzzlepalooza Artist Series. It’s Puzzlepalooza but with a little added special sauce. Puzzlepalooza Artist Series amps things up by challenging teams to complete one of our very own exclusively designed and created Rook Room jigsaw puzzles featuring artwork from local artists! Get intimate with art in this leveled-up puzzling experience.

Puzzlepalooza Elite Jigsaw Puzzle Competitions

Does Puzzlepalooza Classic and a 500-piece jigsaw puzzle sound a little too easy for you and your team? Previous Puzzlepalooza champs? Want a bit more of a challenge? Sounds like it’s time for Puzzlepalooza Elite – where the puzzles are bigger, the competition is tougher, and the sabotages are a bit more painful. Beware – this competition is for pro-level puzzle teams only!

Open Play Board Game Events

Our library of more than 400 board games, jigsaw puzzles, TTRPGs, and more is just waiting to be played. And our Open Play board game events are the perfect opportunity. Open Play events are always free to join, though as we like to say, “playing for free is guaranteed, but winning isn’t.”

Catan National Qualifier Tournaments

Did you know The Rook Room is Iowa’s premiere host of Catan National Qualifier Tournaments? We host several tournaments a year sending our champions on to the National Tournament and even a shot at the International Tournament. Build, trade, and settle your way to victory!

How the Heck Do I...? Teaching Series

Our How the Heck Do I…? Series (or How the Heck for short) is what we call our game-learning events. Whether it’s a board game, card game, TTRPG, or something else entirely, learning how to play can be hard and time-consuming. Skip the headache and remove the barrier to entry by letting our Rook Room Game Masters teach you in a fun, accessible environment.

Learn to Slay D&D Learning Sessions

Always wanted to be a brave night, stealthy rogue, or powerful wizard? Curious about playing Dungeons & Dragons but never knew where to start? Our Learn to Slay events have you covered! With Learn to Slay, we’ll take someone who hasn’t even heard of a d20 into a player destined for fame, glory, and plenty of treasure.

Open Slay One-Shot D&D Adventures

Get ready for adventure!  Join in on our custom one-shot Dungeons & Dragons campaign. We supply Dungeon Masters, scenarios, maps, minifigs, and more. You just get to sit down and get straight into the action. Grab your sword and shield and let’s quest!

Treasure Quest City-Wide Scavenger Hunts

At The Rook Room, we like to go BIG. That’s why we created Treasure Quest, a scavenger and treasure hunt spanning the entire Des Moines metro. Follow the clues, be the first to find the tokens, and win some awesome prizes. You’ll feel like a real-life Indiana Jones!

Rook Room Mystery Adventures

If you love murder mystery parties and escape games, you’ll love our Rook Room Mystery Adventures. We write complete mystery story quests that will push participants to follow clues, uncover truths, and unravel puzzles in order to solve a mystery and win the game. Whether you’re planning a party for 20 or 200, we can create a game that will keep participants engaged and guessing all night long. Have us run a pre-written mystery or let us create a completely custom story just for you.

Prism Tabletop Club Monthly LGBTQIA+ Gaming

We believe gaming is all about building communities. That’s why The Rook Room is working hard to connect players all across the metro while featuring diversity in gaming. Prism Tabletop Club brings together members of the LGBTQIA+ community as Des Moines’ first monthly queer-focused game night. Wherever you land on the LGBTQIA+ spectrum, join us, and let’s play!

Grain Brain Team Trivia Events

The Rook Room doesn’t like to do normal or average – so when it comes to team trivia, we add a little of our Rook Room magic.  At Grain Brain, not only will you test your smarts in general, audio, and visual rounds, you’ll also get a dose of insider beer knowledge complete with a curated round-by-round beer flight. This is your brain on grain.

Ready to Play?!

Now that you know all about the exciting Signature Series events we offer, we’re sure you’re ready to come and play with us! And we can’t wait to see you.

Check out our full events calendar to see what we have coming up and make plans to join us soon.

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