The Des Moines Area's Original Jigsaw Puzzle People

We’re puzzle people here at The Rook Room. That’s why we LOVE creating amazing, high-quality, fun jigsaw puzzles featuring art from local artists around the Des Moines area. With dozens of designs, themes, and art styles, there’s a jigsaw puzzle for everyone. Check out our puzzle shop to see them all and scroll down to learn more!

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Our Jigsaw Puzzle Story

We created The Rook Room as the Des Moines area’s premier place for all types of analog fun. From board games to jigsaw puzzles, TTRPGs to trivia, we love it all.

But when we began looking for a local jigsaw puzzle provider to partner with, we came up empty. So starting in 2020 we started creating jigsaw puzzles ourselves.

We reached out to our friends over at Bozz Prints and our first jigsaw puzzle partnership was born as we started designing, producing, and selling our very own puzzles.

Since then, our puzzles have been featured in shops around the Des Moines area, we’ve delivered to every corner of the metro, and we’ve shipped to more than half the U.S. from coast to coast.

We don’t like to brag, but you could say we’re Des Moines’ OG puzzle people. And we couldn’t be happier to spread our love of puzzling.

Sharing the Love With Our Artist Partners

From our very first puzzle, we’ve worked with local, Des Moines-area artists to feature their work on our puzzles. We love the art scene in our community and we want to see it grow even more.

That’s why we’ve stayed true to our promise to support the local art scene by sharing all of the profits from our jigsaw puzzle sales with our artist partners. When you purchase one of The Rook Room’s jigsaw puzzles, you’re supporting not just one, but TWO small businesses (or if you’re buying from one of our retail partners, THREE local small businesses).

We’ve also made it a priority to feature the work of artists from often marginalized groups – including BIPOC artists and artists of color, LGBTQIA-identifying artists, and female-identifying artists – in an effort to lift up their voices and give their amazing work additional exposure.

Want to learn even more about our artist partners and how we choose them? Or do you think you might be a good fit? Click the button below!

About Our Artist Partners

Jigsaw Puzzles When and Where You Want Them

Since we began producing jigsaw puzzles in 2020, they’ve made their way across the Des Moines metro and the entire United States.

In an effort to make it as easy as possible for you to enjoy our puzzles, we’ve offered free local delivery from the very beginning and we continue to do so. Most of our puzzles will show up at your doorstep in just a few days.

Don’t live in the Des Moines area or sending a gift to friends or family elsewhere? We also ship our puzzles across the U.S. In fact, we’ve shipped to New York, California, and dozens of states in between. Have a special note you want to be included? We’re more than happy to make your package extra special.

Wherever you are, we’ll get our jigsaw puzzles to you!

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Des Moines' Most Popular Jigsaw Puzzle Competition

Did you know we also feature our jigsaw puzzles in one of our most popular local event offerings? That’s right, you can compete to be the first to finish one of our puzzles in Des Moines’ one and only Puzzlepalooza: Featured Artist Series.

The Rook Room’s Puzzlepalooza events pit teams of up to four against each other in a head-to-head competition to be the first to complete that event’s jigsaw puzzle. Throw in some of our sneaky sabotages and you have a recipe for one of the area’s most exciting, fun, and unique gaming events!

While we change up the jigsaw puzzle we use for each event, our Puzzlepalooza: Featured Artist Series always features one of our Rook Room local art puzzles. And the best part? Teams get to take the puzzles home with them at the end of the competition.

Sound fun? Be sure to check out our upcoming events on our website and keep tabs on social media for upcoming Puzzlepalooza announcements!

Upcoming Puzzlepalooza Events

Need a Custom Puzzle? We're Here to Help!

Did you know The Rook Room also works with individuals, artists, and area businesses to create custom jigsaw puzzles? Whether it’s for a special event, a unique product offering, an employee gift, or anything else, we can make it happen! We’ll help with design, production, and getting the puzzles where they need to go.

Maybe you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind gift for someone special. We can make that happen, too. We’ll work with you to design your puzzle and puzzle box to create something you can’t find anywhere else.

Our Custom Jigsaw Puzzle Services