Code of Conduct

By participating in a Rook Room event as a customer, player, vendor, contributor, contractor, volunteer, employee, staff, guest, press, or any other attendee, you agree to respect all individuals regardless of race or ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, sex, age, disability, religion, citizenship status, medical condition, or pregnancy.

All participants shall agree to treat others with kindness, courtesy, and fair play. The Rook Room does not tolerate harassment of any kind including, but not limited to, intimidation, threats, inappropriate disruptions, hurtful language, physical assault, inappropriate physical contact, unwanted sexual attention, bullying, or stalking.

Anyone found to be violating this participation agreement will be removed immediately without refund and The Rook Room reserves the right to ban such individuals from attending future events and functions.

In conjunction with any and all Rook Room events and activities, customers, players, vendors, contributors, contractors, volunteers, employees, staff, and guests agree to not bring substantive harm to The Rook Room brand or contest, dilute, and/or misappropriate The Rook Room intellectual property.

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