Help Us Create the Perfect Space

The Rook Room is a board game bar and pop-up experience in the making with the goal of creating a space in Des Moines, Iowa for anyone and everyone who enjoys games.

It’s all about you and creating a space that you and your friends will love coming to. That’s why it’s critical we get your input in the process, the vision, and what The Rook Room ultimately becomes.

As we continue down the path on this awesome adventure, we want you to be a part of it.

For now, the best thing you can do to help, is let us know what you think via one of our two surveys below!

Super Quick Survey

If you’re like us, you’re often strapped for time. That’s why we created a nice, quick, easy survey for our fans on the go. It should only take about a minute or two, but it’ll help us out immensely!

And hey, if you every have a few more minutes to spare, you can always come back and take the longer survey!


Super Quick 1-Minute Survey

Super Helpful Longer Survey

Got some extra time to spare and really want to dig in and provide some valuable feedback? Take our longer survey.

Don’t worry, it’s still not that long (it took us less than 5 minutes), but includes some bonus questions so we can create the exact version of The Rook Room you’ll love.


(Still Pretty Quick) Longer Survey

More to Add?

Did you take they survey, but still have some great feedback that didn’t quite fit into the responses? Want to be more involved in the planning process? Just want to hang out and chat with some fellow game-lovers?

Feel free to contact us here, or shoot us an email at!