Become a Venue Partner

If you own or run a business in the greater Des Moines area or central Iowa, The Rook Room can bring unique, exciting entertainment options to your establishment to help grow your audience and attract patrons.

Learn more about our event options, who we currently work with, and how we create meaningful partnerships below.

Event Options

The thing about The Rook Room is we’re flexible and creative. Regardless of your business and your space, we can create something truly unique to turn a boring night into something extraordinary.

We have an entire page dedicated to our Signature Events which are some of the most crowd-pleasing, tried-and-true events we’ve brought to businesses around Des Moines and central Iowa. We encourage you to check those out for additional details, but here’s a brief list of some of the events we’ve curated in the past:

This is just a quick glance at what we can provide. We’re also very good at creating and customizing. So if you want something truly unique to your space, we can make it happen!

Event Costs

How much does it cost to work with The Rook Room on an event for your venue? That depends on the event type, expected audience, materials costs, prep time, number of hours, and other factors. Let’s get the conversation started by filling out the form below. We work with our venue partners to make sure that every partnership is beneficial for everyone involved.

A Partnership That Works

Why do our venue partners love us? Because when we work with a venue, it’s about more than just holding a great event – it’s also about making sure we work well together and everyone benefits (though we’re also pretty darn good at holding a great event).

We also like to work with venue partners whose values align closely with ours – especially celebrating individuality, increasing accessibility, building community, giving back, and creating quality, memorable experiences.

We like to say that The Rook Room wouldn’t be where it is today without the partnerships we’ve formed in our community and we want to make sure those partnerships continue to work. So we check in often to make sure our venue partners are happy and finding a benefit in working with us. In other words, we’re all excited to work with each other on many more events to come!

Sound like we’d be a great fit? We can’t wait to hear from you! Start by filling out the form below and let’s chat about how we can work together.

Let's Talk

If it sounds like your business or organization would make for a great partnership with The Rook Room, we can’t wait to hear from you! Fill out the form below because we’re excited to see what we can create together.