13 More Spooky Games to Play for Halloween

We’re back with more spooky game recommendations to give you and your friends some horror-ble vibes for Halloween or any time of year (if you’re anything like us).

If you haven’t already, check out our original list, 9 Spooky Board Games to Play for a Horror-ble Halloween, for some other great spooky game recommendations.

1. Horrified: American Monsters


A stand-alone sequel to the original Horrified (included in our original list), but instead of focusing on monsters from classic Universal movies, this version incorporates creatures from American Folklore like Bigfoot and the Jersey Devil. More monsters, some updated mechanics, and all the creepiness.

2. The Shining

Prospero Hall

You know what they say – all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Fans of the Stephen King novel turned classic horror movie will love this co-op romp through the Overlook Hotel. Just be sure to check out before it’s too late…

3. Mansion of Madness

Fantasy Flight Games

Existing in the same world as horror-favorites Arkham Horror and Elder Sign, Mansions of Madness sends players into the town of Arkham, Massachusetts to investigate a collection of creepy buildings while another player controls the evil lurking within. Cinematic, interwoven storylines mixed with scary mysteries give us all the thrills and chills with this one.

4. MonsDRAWsity

Deep Water Games

If you’re looking for more humor than horror, MonsDRAWsity is a perfect fit. One player, the witness, will try their best to describe a monster found on their monster card while all other players do their best to draw what’s being described – sometimes to hilarious results. Great for a lighter approach to spooky season.

5. Campy Creatures

Keymaster Games

Another pick that’s a little lighter on the horror, Campy Creatures pits the players – or in this case mad scientists – against each other to send out their creatures to retrieve mortals for their experiments. But you’re going to have to outwit and outguess your way to snagging the most valuable mortals in this game of social deduction and set collection.

6. Golem


Based on the 16th-century legend of the Golem of Prague players take on the role of rabbis collecting ancient books and knowledge to create animated golems. Just make sure your golem doesn’t become uncontrollable and destroy the town while trying to complete your goals.

7. Grind House

Everything Epic

Grind House is a game of tropes on tropes. A group of strangers get a mysterious invite to a creepy house and struggle to make it out alive. Sound familiar? Add in some classic personas – like a doctor, psychopath, or even masochist – and things can get chaotic. If you’re a fan of classic horror slashers, you’ll like this offering.

8. Bloody Inn

Pearl Games

At this inn, guests check-in for the night but they don’t always check out. Players are part of a 19th-century family of farmers turned innkeepers. And these money-hungry family members will do anything for a bit of coin…including murdering their own guests. Bribe, scheme, kill, and bury your way to victory by avoiding the police and ending up with the most money. It’s a bloody good time.

9. Nemesis

Awaken Realms

The ultimate game for sci-fi horror fans, you’re on a spaceship being overtaken by alien Intruders. Complete your personal goals and escape to safety before the Intruders enjoy you as a snack. With aliens that get progressively smarter and crewmates with their own agendas, surviving is easier said than done.

10. Necromolds: Monster Battles


It’s basically monster fights with Play-Doh. Use your spellbook to mold your clay into an army of golems to do your bidding. Face off with your enemies in battle and leave the competition literally smashed into the ground in this fun-for-all-ages wargamer.

11. Whirling Witchcraft


In this game of ingredient management, you go head-to-head against your fellow witches to brew potions with your ingredients while also trying to overflow your opponents’ cauldron. Unique powers and starting ingredients add some chaos and strategy into the mix for a witchin’ fun time.

12. Ghost Fightin’ Treasure Hunters

Mattel Games

Venture into a haunted house to retrieve hidden jewels and fight off ghosts. As things progress, more and more ghosts materialize and begin to haunt various rooms. Snag the jewels before the entire house becomes haunted to win. Spooky in the cutest sense of the word.

13. Patchwork: Halloween Edition

Lookout Games

It’s the same great Patchwork you know and love with a spooky, new theme featuring ghosts, skeletons, and pumpkins. Make the most aesthetically pleasing (in this case, creepy) quilt to win. Those familiar with the original Patchwork will discover some updates to this theme that add new strategy to the Halloween version.

Bonus Pick: Goonies: Never Say Die

Funko Games

Not spooky or Halloween per se, but in a dungeon crawler where you face off against skeletons, rats, bats, sea monsters, pirates, and more, we think it’s close enough. While one player serves as the game master, the rest try to make their way through various maps to find treasure and complete their goals. Creepy vibes make Goonies this year’s bonus pick!