A Better Box Office: Rook Room Event Tickets Moving from Eventbrite to Square

The next time you go to purchase tickets for a Rook Room event, you might notice something just a little different. We’re switching our ticket and registration system from Eventbrite to our own site powered by Square.

Why the change? Don’t worry, we didn’t do it just to confuse you. Believe us, it was a lot of work on this end to make the change. But it’s going to let us cut down on unnecessary costs for you!

If you’ve purchased a ticket through Eventbrite before, you’ve probably noticed they tack on quite a few extra fees. On top of taxes, that can really add up! So we’ve been working on a solution that keeps more of that money in your pockets while keeping our events at the same stunning quality you’ve come to expect.

You’ll now purchase tickets through our Rook Room Shop Square site – the same place where you can find all of our other goodies including apparel, stickers, puzzles, games, and more. All the Rook Room fun in one, consistent place!

As part of the move, we’re absorbing the Square processing fees on our end. So the only extra you’ll pay on top of the ticket/registration cost is the tax – sorry, as much as we’d like to, we can’t change tax policy. That’ll keep costs straightforward, transparent, consistent, and cheaper.

Now for the ultimate question: what does this mean for you? Good question. Here are a few answers:

  • We’ll still list all of our events on our website, social media, community calendars, and maybe even Eventbrite BUT the link to purchase tickets will now go to The Rook Room Shop.
  • Costs will be cheaper and more transparent.
  • Square, one of the world’s biggest payment processors, will protect your valuable information AND give us more control for helping when you have issues.
  • Ticket/registration emails will now come to your inbox from The Rook Room Shopkeeper via Square.
  • Event check-in should look pretty much the same. You still won’t need to print anything out. We won’t be using the Eventbrite app, but we’ll be able to check you in via a registration roster.
  • You may notice a few differences with registration and waitlist signup. It might be a little clunky at first but stick with it as we work to make things even smoother as we get used to the new setup.

With Puzzlepalooza being one of our biggest ticketed events, here are a few changes to expect specifically with registration for that series:

  • Subscribers will now get a secret link to purchase Subscriber-Exclusive tickets.
  • The page to purchase tickets will not be live or visible until tickets go on sale. The system does not currently allow us to have to the page visible without tickets on sale.
  • That said, you can still find all the essential details on our website events calendar.
  • The waitlist will now be a ticket type. If the event is sold out, you can “purchase” a waitlist ticket at a cost of $0. Follow the registration instructions and we’ll be able to track on our end the order of when teams signed up for the waitlist. If a spot opens, you’ll now be contacted by info@therookroom.com with a link to purchase a ticket.
  • Once you register, the ticket/registration receipt will now come from Square. You do not need to print this. We’ll check you in with your name at the event.

Everything else with Puzzlepalooza registration should be pretty familiar!

Those of us here at The Rook Room want to thank you for hanging with us during this transition. Again, we worked hard over quite a few months to find a solution that keeps costs down for you and eliminates unnecessary fees.

Don’t hesitate to reach out with any bugs or issues you’re seeing and we can’t wait to see you at a Rook Room event in the future!