Giving Back to Our Community

At The Rook Room, one of our core values is Giving Back to the Community. It’s important to us and it’s who we are. We love the greater Des Moines area as well as the friends, family, and community members we’ve come to know and we want to make our community the best place to live, work, and (most importantly) have fun!

Learn more about how we’re giving back with The Rook Room’s Gaming Gives Back initiative below.

Gaming for Good Fundraising Events

Gaming for Good events are all about two things: having fun playing games and giving back to the community. We’ve partnered with organizations across the Des Moines area to raise money to help them reach their goals.

From supporting the homeless community to children’s literacy to environmental causes and more, we’ve worked hard to contribute to the causes we believe in, that align with our mission and core values, and that are doing the most good in our community.

Would you or your organization like to work with The Rook Room on your fundraising efforts? Learn more about our fundraising partner process below!

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Donation Requests

The Rook Room has donated tens of thousands of dollars in goods and services to local organizations to help them reach their goals and fulfill their missions. We do our best to provide donations as part of Gaming Gives Back wherever and whenever we are able to – from puzzles to games, prizes, gift certificates, and more!

Would you or your organization like to request a donation from The Rook Room? Learn more about our donation process below!

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Volunteering In Our Community

Donations are great, but so is rolling up your sleeves and getting a little dirty. The Rook Room encourages all of our employees and partners to engage directly with their community through volunteer opportunities.

All of our employees are active in the Des Moines community through volunteer organizations benefiting the arts, education, environmental causes, community support, and more. We don’t mind working hard to make our community a better place!

Average Yearly Employee Volunteer Hours:


Let's Work Together

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