Learn to Slay Intro to D&D at the Des Moines Public Library

Learn to Slay: How to Play Dungeons & Dragons for Beginning Adventurers

Thank you for joining us for Learn to Slay in collaboration with the Des Moines Public Library!

We’re excited for you to begin your adventure. To help, we’ve provided all the information we covered in the presentation as well as a list of very helpful resources below.

Enjoy your adventure and we hope to see you at upcoming Rook Room events and experiences!

Learn to Slay Presentations

Missed something during the presentation? Want to go back and review the slides? Download a copy here:

Learn to Slay Session 1

Learn to Slay Session 2

Learn to Slay Session 3

Helpful Dungeons & Dragons Resources

You can find plenty of free resources to help you with your adventure online. Here are some of our favorites:

From The Rook Room

Condensed D&D Rules Quick Reference Guide

Blank Character Sheet

Initiative Tracker

Official D&D Materials from Wizards of the Coast

Basic D&D Rulebook Download

Starter Set D&D Rulebook Download

Essentials Kit D&D Rulebook Download

Pre-Generated D&D Character Sheets

Blank D&D Character Sheets

Stay at Home Play at Home Free Materials

Other Helpful Sites



Kobold Fight Club

Geek & Sundry

Recommended Reading

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