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What Is The Rook Room?

Hopefully, we got a chance to tell you a little about ourselves and The Rook Room when we met. If we didn’t have time to cover every detail or you just need a helpful reminder, scroll down for a quick look at The Rook Room in a nutshell (we’re not actually chillin’ in a shell, it’s just an expression).

Unique Gaming Events and Experiences

At its core, The Rook Room is a pop-up business bringing unique gaming events and experiences to the greater Des Moines metro and Central Iowa. As we like to say, if you can play it, we’re into it!

Our goal is to bring people together over a shared over of games and play to create unforgettable experiences and build lasting communities.

We’re pretty passionate about our mission and core values, so be sure to check out our About Us page to learn what really drives us.

More About Us

What We Do

In case it wasn’t already pretty obvious, we create unique gaming events and experiences! More specifically, we pop up with awesome venue partners around the greater Des Moines area and Central Iowa with a huge variety of gaming options, including:

In fact, we probably have a few of these events on our calendar right now! Check out our Events Calendar to see what’s popping up soon (and feel free to stop by and join us).

Upcoming Events

Ready to Meet Up and Chat Some More?

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