Are You Ready for Adventure?


To celebrate National Scavenger Hunt Day, The Rook Room is sending you on a special quest – a Treasure Quest!

While National Scavenger Hunt Day is Wednesday, May 24th, we’re celebrating with Treasure Quest over the weekend – Saturday, May 27th and Sunday, May 28th – to make sure as many adventurers can take part as possible.

Starting Saturday morning we’ll start releasing clues here on our website and on our social media accounts to help you begin your quest at one of 7 quest locations across the Greater Des Moines area. Follow the clues to all 7 locations, solve the riddle, and earn your reward, adventurer!

How to Play

Treasure Quest is completely free to play and fun for the whole family. Take on the role of adventurer armed with a smart device and head out on a quest to follow clues, solve riddles, and fill out your Guide Scroll.

During Your Quest

Starting on Saturday morning, we’ll release a series of clues you’ll have to decipher in order to find 7 locations across the Des Moines metro. At each location, you’ll:

Important Information

Treasure Quest runs Saturday, May 27th and Sunday, May 28th, so you’ll have all weekend to complete your quest. This isn’t a race, so we recommend taking your time and spending some time at each Treasure Quest location. All participants who complete and submit their Guide Scroll will receive a prize.

Treasure Quest is free to play, but you will need an internet-connected device to participate. We also recommend bringing a notepad and a pen, just in case you need to take notes.

Other things to keep in mind for a fun, enjoyable quest:

Having fun on your quest? Take a photo and post it on social media using the hashtag #rookroomtreasurequest and tagging @therookroom!

Important: You will need to scan QR codes or visit URLs to play. If you’re unsure how to scan a QR code, click here for a handy how-to guide.

Treasure Quest Has Begun!

Treasure Quest is now underway, adventurer! You have until the end of the day Sunday, May 28th to complete your quest.

Every adventurer needs a pack to hold all of their tools and treasure. Here’s yours! Inside you find some strange items. Maybe they will help you begin your adventure. Can you tell if any of these items combined with the map point to any places you’re familiar with?

Good luck, adventurers! And stay tuned here and on social media for more clues all weekend long.

And here’s a closer look at that map in case you need it! (click to enlarge)

Oh, and you’ll also need this – your Guide Scroll! Once you find the Coin Clue at each location and solve the riddle, you’ll need this to enter your secret passcode.

Grab Your Guide Scroll Here

Location Clues

Locations will be revealed throughout the day Saturday and Sunday. Follow the hints to find the exact locations of each Coin Clue. And, as always, check location hours before heading out!