Dungeons & Dragons Holiday Gift Guide 2019

Having a hard time finding the perfect gift for the Dungeons & Dragons fan in your life? Whether you’re looking for something for that grumpy goblin of a dungeon master or the elf that has everything, here are a few items that might garner some inspiration (that means you can roll gifting with advantage).

Fancy Dice

The Rook Room Dungeons & Dragons Gift Guide Dice
via Dispel Dice

We’re gonna start off with the obvious here. For most people, there’s no such thing as too many dice. And you know that the cooler they look, the better they roll, right? In that case, a set of sapphire anniversary dice must roll all 20’s. But if you’re looking for some cheaper options that are still pretty cool, we love the metal dice from Skullsplitter or these gorgeous sets from Dispel that snagged over $2.2 million in funding on Kickstarter.

Dice Storage

The Rook Room Dungeons & Dragons Gift Guide Dice Holders
via BigRojasDesigns on Etsy

If you’re going to have all these fancy dice, you better have some storage to match. There are plenty of options with a range of prices. You could go with the traditional dice bag (or one shaped like a Mimic), a handsome handmade wooden case, or even store them in a much larger die. Dice-ception.

Dice Tower

The Rook Room Dungeons & Dragons Gift Guide Dice Tower
via Wyrmwood

Ok, one more dice-related item. What?! Dice are a big part of tabletop RPG’s! When it comes to rolling, there’s no better (and more fun) way to make sure those dice get good and randomized than a nice dice tower. We’re in love with the offerings from Wyrmwood. They’re a bit on the pricier side, but they’re just so pretty!

Initiative Tracker

The Rook Room Dungeons & Dragons Gift Guide Initiative Tracker
via MisfitIsle on Etsy

Here’s one for the dungeon master in your life. It can be hard work keeping track of an epic battle. Especially one with lots of heroes or monsters. Help them make sense of things with an initiative tracker. This one on Etsy is pretty cool (and expandable) for a good price. Then again, you can always just download one of ours for free if you want!

Dungeon Master Screen

The Rook Room Dungeons & Dragons Gift Guide Dungeon Master Screen
via TalonandClaw on Etsy

You can’t let the party know what you’re up to! Hide all your secrets (and rolls) with a quality dungeon master screen. There are some super cool handmade ones available on Etsy that we love. And (we’re going to fangirl again here) a ridiculously awesome one Wyrmwood put up on Kickstarter. But a basic one for like a tenth of the cost will also more than do the trick.

Inspiration Token

The Rook Room Dungeons & Dragons Gift Guide Inspiration Tracker
via 702Savant on Etsy

Sometimes adventurers do cool things and you want to reward them with inspiration. But then everyone forgets they have inspiration. Then it’s pointless. Well, stop forgetting with a handy inspiration tracker! These ones on Etsy not only look gorgeous, they also hold a d20. Or you can also get a whole handful of wooden tokens for a great price. Either way, wow your party with this fancy ~token~ of your esteem.


The Rook Room Dungeons & Dragons Gift Guide Miniature
via Hero Forge

Sometimes you just want to plot out a scenario on your table, but you’re tired of using pawns and thumbtacks and whatever else you can find in your junk drawer. You need a nice set of miniature figures to help illustrate what’s happening in your head. Usually, your local game store will have a nice selection. We also recommend Hero Forge, which lets you customize your figures with everything from clothes to the base to the material which they then 3D print and send to you.

Dice Jail

The Rook Room Dungeons & Dragons Gift Guide Dice Jail
via 3DForgeShop on Etsy

We said no more dice. But, technically, this is just dice-adjacent. We’ve all had that moment when you’re in a life and death situation and out waltzes your d20 with a nice, helpful critical fail. Cool. Real cool. Put that horrible specimen of a d20 in time out with dice jail until it learns its lesson. There are some fun options on Etsy including a wooden one or even a biodegradable 3D printed one!

Condition Rings

The Rook Room Dungeons & Dragons Gift Guide Condition Rings
via ViridianGaming on Etsy

It can be hard remembering which of your friends are poisoned…or blinded…or blessed by the divine powers from the gods above. You know, because it’s just so common. Never forget again with some very handy condition rings! They go right around your miniatures and let everyone know just how incapacitated you are.


The Rook Room Dungeons & Dragons Gift Guide Cards
via Deck of Many

Whether you have some new players in your campaign or you just need some help remembering some of the rules, weapons, spells, etc., a Deck of Many card deck can be super fun and helpful. Deck of Many has a number of decks including spells, weapons, NPC’s, monsters, conditions, and more.

D&D Style

The Rook Room Dungeons & Dragons Gift Guide Lets Roll Shirt

Sometimes you just want to show off how much you love D&D with some awesome apparel. Whether it’s a pair of dice socks, potion bottle earrings, or even a vintage dungeon master trucker hat, there’s something to fill any stocking, with…you know, more stockings. If we may be so bold, might we even recommend a Rook Room d20 Let’s Roll shirt?

All the Books

The Rook Room Dungeons & Dragons Gift Guide Core Rule Books

There are tons and tons of books, manuals, and even tomes out there all about D&D. From the essentials, like the Player’s Handbook, Monster Manual, and Dungeon Master Guide, to stand-alone adventures, like Curse of Strahd or Out of the Abyss, to themed campaigns, like Stranger Things and Rick & Morty, there’s something for everyone. Even those who think they already have everything.

Whew! That list is more expansive than a hibernating bugbear! If you can’t find a gift for the D&D fan in your life with this list, it’s impossible. Just give up.

And before we go, we just want to quickly remind you (as always) to shop local when you can. Support your area game shops. They need money for more cool D&D gear just like the rest of us. Oh, and bills. Paying the bills is good, too.